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We are an Alternative Preschool for children from 16 months to 6 years. We follow the Montessori approach to holistically develop children and give them a solid foundation

Admissions Open background Dhivya teacher with students at savi montessori
Garg Villa Savi Montessori School Primary Class
SmitaTeacher outdoors Savi Montessori with children
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Holistic Learning

We put equal focus on behaviour & emotional development of the child along with academics

Alternative Approach

Our approach is child initiated with hands-on activities & designed with step-up challenges

Visible Progress

We focus on individualised learning and customise the learning journey, so every child shows progress

We are different

Our school, activities, classroom layout and our approach is completely different to traditional preschools.

● Hands-On Purposeful activities

● Concrete first and then abstract

● Individual learning that builds on child’s ability

● No Rewards, Stars, Chocolates for learning

● Each child’s progress is careful tracked

Admission Process

● Book a visit to Savi Montessori

● Checkout our school at Chembur

● Fill the admission form and care form

● We start with the child spending 30 mins in school and gradually increases to 2.5-3 hours depending upon type of program selected.


Q- When can I start Savi Montessori?
The age of 15-16 months is a good time to start preschool. Your child should be able to walk while holding objects in the hand is a great sign the child is ready for a school environment.

Q- Which board is most suited to Montessori ?
Montessori approach focuses on holistic education that provides a solid foundation to learning. You can select any board you are comfortable with, our children will adapt as they have good foundation already at Savi Montessori. Children adapt well to ICSE, IB, CBSE , IGCSE boards.

Q- Which Schools have children that attended Savi Montessori gone on to join?
Children have attended various schools in ICSC, CBSCE and IB boards for example JBCN, Garodia International, Green Acres, Universal , Gregorius, AVM, etc


Dr Ameya Kanakiya

“Everyday when I see my daughter enjoying herself at Savi, I love this place more and more!. I feel really happy when I see my otherwise super active daughter sit down and concentrate….”

Mamta Jani

“…I think it was our best decision for our son at the age of 2 to choose savi Montessori for him. It’s a complete school to see your kid learning from peeling fruits till arranging flowers or knowing all the planets and continents at the age of 2.5 yrs.”…”

Sumeet Verma

“…Impressive concept, helped a lot for Moh to grow….”

“Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world”

Dr Maria Montessori