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About Us

Savi pronounced as सवि which has been formed from 2 Sanskrit words समग्र (Samagra) meaning holistic and विकास (Vikas) meaning development. As our name suggests, our focus is to holistically develop your child.

We are different than play schools

child working on pink tower
child working on pink tower

Purposeful Activities

The classroom environment is designed in a way to encourage self-exploration for your child to become her best self. We support the natural drive for independence by encouraging your child to choose an activity of interest without interruption. The range of activities would be in Language, Arithmetic, Sensorial (learning through senses), Geography, Botany, Zoology, Geometry and Exercises of Practical life.

Child-Led Approach

Unlike traditional classrooms where the teacher decides for your child, in our classrooms, your child drives her own learning. The teacher, observes the child, works on the strengths and weaknesses and then provides activities that challenge your child.

Mixed-Aged Classroom

Our classrooms are mixed aged, meaning the same class will have children of 3 years, 4 years, 5 years and 6 years. Children of different ages help one another. They learn and watch from what the others are doing. The younger children absorb when they see older child’s advanced work while the older ones help the younger with what they know and in turn gain confidence and respect from the younger children. Children are always better at explaining than adults as they understand their friends better.