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Sensitive Phases

Sensitive Phases in your child’s life

Dr. Maria Montessori observed there are certain periods in the life of your child termed as Sensitive Periods or developmental milestones. During these periods, the child has an overpowering internal curiosity and sensitivity to a particular skill or knowledge. She has a spontaneous desire to engage in the particular activity and she repeats it until the skill is mastered. This sensitivity lasts for a certain period and doesn’t recur.  Here are the important sensitive periods in your child’s life till she reaches the age of 6 years.

Sensitive Period for Order (18 months to 4 years): Your child likes order, repetition and consistency as it gives a sense of security to him. If anything is out of order he becomes confused and will throw a tantrum or get frustrated. Often parents have termed this as the terrible two’s syndrome.

Sensitive Period for Language (birth to 6 years): Your child has been absorbing the language around her since before her birth. By 2 years she is speaking in sentences and her oral language gets refined over the next few years. Given the proper environment she will explode into writing and reading at around 3.5 and 4.5 years respectively.

Sensitive Period for Co-ordination of Movement (2.5 to 5 years): During this period your child is more interested in elaborating his basic walk and running. He performs voluntary movements and refines the control over his hands.

Sensitive Period for Refinement of the Senses (2 to 4 years):  Children explore and understand the world around them using all their senses (sight, sound, smell, taste and touch). Between 2 to 4 years your child will see finer differences and these help his brain to develop and build his intelligence.

Sensitive Period for Mathematics (4 to 6 years): During this period your child is fascinated by numbers and quantities. Dr Montessori designed special concrete Mathematics materials which will help your child to build a strong foundation for Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry.

Sensitive Period for Grace and Courtesy (2 to 6 years): Your child loves to imitate polite behaviour and manners like greeting, sharing, offering, interrupting, etc. This helps him to integrate in the society and he gains confidence to face different situations.