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Primary (2.5 to 6 yrs)

This is the core of Montessori Approach where we work with the child to help the child develop understanding for Mathematics, English, Science, Botany, Zoology, Geography, Grace and Courtesy and the love for the environment.


We have one batch from Monday to Friday. We only take 24 students in one batch and have 2 Montessori Teachers and 1 Didi.


Language Mathematics Sensorial Practical Life Sciences
Oral Language Introduction to Numbers Visual Sense Refinement Preparation for Writing Understanding Calendar
Vocabulary Enhancement Addition & Subtraction Tactile Sense Refinement Care of Environment Physical Geography
Writing Development Multiplication & Division Auditory Sense Refinement Care of Self Classify Plant & Animal Kingdoms
Introduction to Reading through Phonics Introduction to Dimensions Taste Sense Refinement Grace and Courtesy Globles, Maps, Flags
Grammar Introduction to Arithmetic Smell Sense Refinement Introduction to Indian Festivals Culture & Habitats
Comprehension & Analysis Introduction to Geometry Steregnostic Refinement Introduction to World Culture Living/Non-Living
Introduction to Fractions Land & Water Forms