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Montessori Online

Montessori Morning

Frequency: Batch 3 times/week starting from 1 Sep 2020

This batch is best for students who want to continue their montessori journey with Savi Montessori after the lockdown ends. For morning sessions, curriculum is carefully planned for each student with the sensitive periods in mind. Here we want commitment from the parents as well because a lot of the work children do has to be with hands on materials. With the guidance by the teachers, the parents can setup the work at home to help their child get exposure to Montessori even during the lockdown.

Curriculum for Montessori Morning Sessions – for 3 to 6 year olds

Post the lockdown the learning journey continues and we pick up in the physical environment at Savi Montessori.

Montessori Evening Batch

Frequency: 2 times/week starting from 1 Sep 2020

For students who attend other schools or cannot find time in the morning, we have Montessori Evening sessions. These are also planned according to sensitive periods, however don’t cover all the concepts as shown in the curriculum. Since children go to other schools, concepts like letters, numbers are covered there. We do not want to repeat but cover different topics.

In general Montessori learning is different from traditional approach.

Montessori Phonics – Evening Batch

Frequency: 1 time/week starting from 1 Sep 2020

These sessions are focussed on phonics, breaking down words into sounds, understanding the different sounds, vocabulary enhancement and reading. We have different batches based on the sensitive periods and ability of the child.


  • Please note all batches are small only 6-8 children each.
  • We will assess the children to understand their current exposure to various topics and then inform parents about the times and batch their children will be involved in.

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