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Montessori at Home: Week 7

Savi Montessori at home Activities

This week we again share some exciting activities to do at home.

Practical Life

Food Preparation : Bake a cake with your child. Pre-measure all the ingredients and then invite your child. The child can mix all the dry ingredients. They love to whisk. Let them whisk all the liquid ingredients. They can even help pour the batter in the mould


Sound – Gather things that make different sounds and explore them with your child. For example, the sound of a hand bell, coins in a can, plate and spoon, crumpling a plastic bag,etc. Then ask your child to turn around and make sound with one of the objects. Child has to guess which object was used to make the sound

Science Experiment – Colour Mixing with Tissue Paper – You will need 6 clear cups, kitchen paper towels and food colour or paints for this experiment. Add water and mix in primary colours (red, blue, yellow) in 3 cups. Keep 3 empty cups in between the ones with primary colours. Fold the paper towels and place them in between each adjacent cup as shown in the picture. Watch along with your child as the coloured water rises up into the tissue papers and eventually mixes in the empty cups to form the secondary colours. 


Classifying items helps to build vocabulary and cognitive skills. Pick any subject from around the house – stationary items, kitchen tools, things used for baking, etc and tell your child the names of 4 to 5 items in that category. You can explain the usage and allow your child to feel and explore the items.

Memory Game-Once your child is familiar with the names, line up the items. Ask your child to turn around and remove one of the objects. Ask your child if he can tell which object is missing. Add more objects to increase the difficulty.

What does not belong – Mix up one item from a different category in objects of same category and ask your child to find what does not belong together. For example, place eraser, pencil, ruler, fork together. 

Art & Craft

Make your own musical instrument – Follow this easy craft to make a rain stick . Or use an empty tissue paper box and few rubber bands to make a guitar

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