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December – Toddler Newsletter

December was the month of festivities as we prepared for our Annual Sports Day and Christmas celebrations.

Vocabulary: The children were given introduction to :

  1. Christmas Decorations: Christmas tree, Wreath, Stocking, Candy stick,Ornament.
  2. What we use while Brushing: Toothpaste, toothbrush, tongue cleaner, mouthwash
  3. Things in the Kitchen: KitchenRefrigerator, Mixer, Sink
  4. Things we wear in Winter: Scarf, gloves, jacket, monkey cap.
  5. Tools: Saw, level, wrench, bolt.

Books & Songs: The children enjoyed the following books that we read during the month :

  1. My First Words and Pictures by Brita Granstrom.
  2. Happy Christmas Gemma by Sarah Hayes.
  3. Children enjoyed listening to the Christmas Carols:
    • Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer
    • We wish you a merry Christmas
    • Santa Claus is coming to town
    • Jingle Bells

Food Preparation: This months favourite Food preparation activity was Spreading Cheese on Cracker using a butter knife.The children enjoy sharing the cracker at lunch time.

Art & Craft: Children created beautiful snowflakes by painting Icecream sticks using q-tips .

Celebrations & Events: We celebrated Christmas at Savi on 19th December by wearing red, lots of singing and decorating the Christmas tree . 

We celebrated Sports Day 2019 on 22 Dec 2019. Here are few photos

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