Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment.” – Dr Maria Montessori

Joy of learning starts here

Savi Montessori prepares your child for life by developing his social, academic and emotional skills. These skills are not obtained by listening to teachers, but through multi-sensory learning. Since the learning at our school is through concrete experiences, it is a joy for your child to understand his world better. The school becomes an enjoyable experience for your child, thus fosters the joy of learning through out life.

Perfect step before formal schooling

Your child needs self-independence, confidence as well as a solid foundation of Mathematics and English before she enters formal schooling environment. Our program provides this holistic development through our curriculum, our classroom environment and our trained teachers. It is researched that Montessori children generally adapt and perform better in school.

Nurturing successful global citizens

Our world needs more problem solvers, critical thinkers, creative and collaborative global citizens. Your child needs these skills rather than memorised knowledge to be successful in this ever changing world. At Savi Montessori, our aim is to impart 21st-century skills through the Montessori Approach. Schools across the USA, Europe, Singapore and Japan have adopted these 21st-century skills and competencies.


What to expect from our program

Your child will be engaged purposefully in wide range of activities

The classroom environment is designed in a way to encourage self-exploration for your child to become her best self. We support the natural drive for independence by encouraging your child to choose an activity of interest without interruption. The range of activities would be in Language, Arithmetic, Sensorial (learning through senses), Geography, Botany, Zoology, Geometry and Exercises of Practical life.

Our approach is Child-Centred instead of Teacher-Centred

Unlike traditional classrooms where your child and the whole group is expected to pay attention to the teacher, your child drives his own learning. The teacher; known as the directress, will only act as a facilitator often at child’s height guiding his learning.

Mixed-Age Class

Our classrooms are mixed aged, meaning the same class will have children of 3 years, 4 years, 5 years and 6 years. Children of different ages help one another. They learn and watch from what the others are doing. The younger children absorb when they see older child’s advanced work while the older ones help the younger with what they know and in turn gain confidence and respect from the younger children. Children are always better at explaining than adults as they understand their friends better.

Individualised curriculum

With scientifically designed materials and trained teachers, our approach is geared to handle uniqueness in your child. The teacher has the understanding to help a child find the activity that combines both interest and the right level of challenge. Once his interest is caught, the child repeats the activity till he master’s it thus building concentration and focus. Thus our programs caters to each child individually.

Regular updates about progress of your child

We are working with a USA based technology solution to provide 360° views of your child in our classroom. As a parent, you know exactly how your child is progressing in our course along with photos of her in the classroom. We will also have parent teacher meetings at regular intervals to update you and provide information on what will happen in the course of the academic year.