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Unique Birthday Celebration in a Montessori Classroom

This week we celebrated the birthday of Rian, one of our children at Savi Montessori. Typically birthdays are celebrated by cutting the cake and giving return gifts. Well, we celebrated Rian’s birthday in a unique way not the typical way!

We celebrate birthdays at our Montessori preschool a bit differently. All children gather around a mat. There is a number rod showing the age of the birthday boy/girl, a yellow circle with a candle representing the Sun and coloured globe for the Earth. Each month can also be written on a card and placed around the sun to represent the 12 months of the calendar.

Rian held the globe and went around the Sun two times. This signifies that the Earth revolves round the Sun and Rian is 2 years old. As Rian goes round the Sun everyone sings

The Earth goes around the Sun

The Earth goes around the Sun

The Earth goes around the Sun

And Rian turns one

After each round, the teacher showed Rian a photo as he looked then. We also share a few things about him at that age based on the parents inputs. After Rian completes the number of revolutions around the Sun, as per his age, he blows the candle and everyone sings the traditional Happy Birthday song.

We do this for the children to enjoy the ceremony and also learn a few things-

  • The child is involved and actively participates and enjoys knowing and sharing about himself with his friends.
  • Children learn about the passage of time and how they have changed over the years.
  • Children understand the concept of the Calendar, Earth revolves around the Sun and it takes a year to complete one round.
  • Children are introduced to counting with the Number Rods representing the age of the child.

I feel this is a unique and meaningful way to celebrate our children’s birthdays. A celebration we can include at home too.

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