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Toddler Newsletter: Feb 2020

February although a slightly smaller month was packed with lot of activities and learning for our toddlers. Here is a quick look at what they did this February.


  1. Various Sports : Hockey, Swimming, Football, Boxing
  2. Stationary : Eraser, Stapler, ruler, cellotape.
  3. Things in the Living Room: Living roomfan, painting, Television
  4. Things we carry at the Beach: Sunglasses, hat, napkin
  5. Vegetables : Carrot, French beans, garlic.
  6. Electronics around the house: Camera, remote control, calculator, mobile phone.
  7. Mens Accessories : watch, wallet, cufflinks

Books & Songs

The children enjoyed the following books that we read during the month
1. The Oak Tree by Anna Owen & Laszlo Veres
2. Bet you can’t by Penny Dale

Food Preparation

Shelling Peas was the new activity introduced this month. It requires a lot of concentration and fine motor skills for the child to do this activity. You can encourage your child to do this activity at home along with you.

Art & Craft

Children made beautiful Valentines Day cards for their parents by stamping with tissue paper rolls.

They also enjoyed sensory activity of spooning out floating lids from water.

Celebrations & Events

For Valentines day, children enjoyed sticking foam hearts onto the windows.

All children went on a field trip to Wonders Park, Nerul on 28 February. The children were excited to look at the miniatures of 7 wonders of the World and play at the park. The highlight of the trip was the ride on the mini train.


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