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Montessori at Home – Week 3

Toddler Activities at Home

Here is a list of few more simple activities that you can try out with your child based on his/her interests and abilities. Please continue with the activities suggested in Week 1 & 2 as well as what has been communicated specifically for your child. 

Our goal is not to replicate school at home but to provide you with a variety of activities which you can do everyday for sometime with your child. Majority of your child’s day should be spent in open-ended play as well as reading books or doing chores with you.

Fine Motor 

Lacing : Cut a rectangle shape from cardboard. Punch 4 to 5 holes on it in a straight line. Show the child how to pull out a thread or shoe lace or a ribbon from hole to hole and let them sew.

Peeling Tape : On a tray, arrange 5 to 6 ice cream sticks/ puzzle pieces/ animal figures. Fix them with tape. Ask the child to peel the tape and remove the objects. Let the child stick the objects back on the tray and repeat as long as they want to.

Practical Life

Pounding: Children in both Toddler and Primary environment are familiar with pounding. You can give them channa, peanuts, almonds or even spices like cardamom, cinnamon,etc for pounding. Please supervise if your toddler is mouthing.

Washing and Cleaning: Toddlers love to squeeze the sponge. Give them a bowl with a soapy solution and a sponge, a wet cloth and a dry cloth. Let them decide what they want to clean. (Kitchen shelf, drawers, their own wardrobe, book shelf, etc.) . Let them empty the shelf. Dip the sponge in soapy water. Squeeze out the extra and wash the shelf. Later wash again with a damp cloth and dry with a dry cloth. Let the children arrange all the stuff back into the shelf.


Smelling Herbs or Spices – Gather a variety of spices and/or herbs from your kitchen which you can introduce to your child. Let them smell the spice and then introduce the name one at a time. Once the names have been given ask them to show you the cinnamon, turmeric,etc. For older children, you can blindfold them and make them smell and guess the names of the spices. 

Science Experiment

Sink and Float : Collect various objects from around the house which would sink or float in water. Arrange a big bowl half-filled with water on a big towel. Provide two bowls to sort the objects into those that sink or float. Put one object in the water and observe what happens. Explain the terms – If object goes inside the water, it sinks; if it stays on top – it floats on water. Sort objects one at a time into the two bowls. Next time, the child can look around the house for objects to use for the experiment.


Treasure Hunt: Parent can hide various objects around the house and give clues containing prepositions to the children to find the objects. This game can be played by writing the clues on paper for children who are able to read sentences. For eg- the dog is under the chair, the ring is on the table, etc. For children who have just started to read, only write the name of the object and provide verbal clues. 

Modify the game for younger children to give oral commands containing prepositions. For example – keep the ball near the door, put the book inside the box, etc.

Art & Craft

Vegetable Printing: Let the child paint with any of the vegetable available at home. You can use vegetables like onion, lady finger, french beans, capsicum, broccoli, lemon, etc.

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