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Montessori at Home Activities – Week 5

Fine Motor Activities

Sticker Line-Up : On a plain piece of paper, draw a zig-zag or curly or loopy or swirly line in the centre of the paper. Ask the child to stick the stickers on the line. If you do not have stickers, you can use puzzle pieces, blocks, big beans like rajma, etc to arrange on the line.

Water Play: Fill a bowl with water uptill 3/4th. Add elastic bands / rubber bands to it. Next to it, keep an empty bowl. Ask the child to remove the floating rubber bands one by one with a stick or straw and put it in the empty bowl.

Practical Life

Sorting Vegetables – Mix up different types of vegetables, for example onions and potatoes. Start sorting the vegetables into two separate piles. Give your child a turn. Smaller vegetables like lady finger, french beans, green peas, ivy gourd can also be used.

Cleaning Windows – Give your child a spray bottle and squeegee brush along with a dry cloth. Show a spot with some dirt on it. Demonstrate how to spray water and then wipe with the squeegee. Show how to clean up the water with the dry cloth.


Texture – This week let us explore various textures around the house along with our child and give them the names. Ask them to feel the texture and then give them the name for the texture. For example, crumple up a newspaper and open it up to show wrinkled, bubble wrap is bumpy, cotton is soft, cello tape is sticky, etc


Rhyming Games – Rhyming is an important pre-reading skill. Most of the poems and story books for young children are rhyming and children are indirectly introduced to this concept. You can play simple games with your child based on their age to build this skill. 

  • Pick any word for example bat. Say a few words that rhyme with bat- for example ‘Cat rhymes with bat’, ‘Hat rhymes with bat’, etc. See if your child can come up with some words.
  • Once your child has got the idea of rhyming words you can give two words and ask them if they rhyme or don’t. For example – ‘Plate, gate. Do they rhyme?’, ‘One, fun. Do they rhyme?’. Mix it up with a few combinations that don’t rhyme.
  • Pick a category (for example – vegetables, fruits, animals, etc) and play guessing games. ‘I am thinking of a farm animal that rhymes with big…. pig! Pick different words from same category and think of words (real or make up words) that rhyme with them. For eg – pen-hen, boat-goat, mow-cow, etc.

Art & Craft 

Texture art – Use the different textured materials to do crayon rubbings . Keep a plain paper on top of the textured material and use the side of a peeled off crayon or chunky crayons to rub across the page. You can stick the page on the table so that the setup doesn’t move when your child is trying the rubbings. Check out the post below for an example

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