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Montessori Activities at Home – Week 6

Practical Life

Plant Care – At Savi Montessori children of all ages love to take care of plants. We always have activities like dusting or washing the leaves of the plant and watering plants available to them. You can also provide these activities at home

Churning Show your child how to make buttermilk by churning curd and water together. Allow them to repeat the activity. The key is to take a container which will not tip-over and to keep it only half filled to avoid spills.

Science Experiment

Grow a plant – You can grow plants from things in your kitchen and it would be wonderful for the children to observe the changes happening everyday. You can either plant seeds like fenugreek, pulses, etc, re-grow roots for herbs or even grow carrot or raddish plants out of the tops. Here is a video to give you some inspiration.


Coin Sorting – Mix up 2 or 3 different types of coins in a bigger bowl. Provide smaller bowls for child to sort the coins into.

Please note – This activity is for older children who are not mouthing. Coins can be choking hazard. Also, make sure to wash and sanitize the coins before setting up this activity.


Sound sorting baskets- Collect items from around the house beginning with the same sound. Write the sounds on different baskets/containers and ask your child to sort the objects into the baskets. This game can be modified to sort the objects based on ending sounds or middle sounds. For older children, objects can be sorted based on phonograms. For example, ‘ch’ – chip, chalk, chain, etc.

Art & Craft 

Shadow Tracing – With lots of sunlight streaming in through the windows it is the perfect time for tracing shadows. Take any object or toy, place a sheet of paper across its shadow and allow your child to trace it. 

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