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Beat the Lockdown Blues- the Montessori Way

Savi Montessori- LockDown Blues

We are in the middle of a long lockdown. Our work is now home and will stay like this for quite some time. There is no start and end time to work and seems like work is always on. On top of office work, there is so much to do at home. There is house work, cleaning, cooking meals, doing dishes, doing laundry. There is also homework of our children. And most times you also have to be on your children’s zoom calls and also with your boss and team members.  It is extremely exhausting because we are always working and we are expected to be calm and composed throughout the day. One way to beat these blues is the Montessori Method. 

Montessori Method not only for children, but also for parents. Using some principles of the Montessori approach can help to reduce the stress for us. Here is how I structure my day using some Montessori principles. 

1. Work Timings

A structure for each day will help you to keep you in active work mode and relax after work mode. We need to be clear that after a certain time, we have to switch off from work and not check emails, phones and laptops. This will also help your body to adjust to certain routine. Tough but can be done. Montessori says that a structure makes us less stressed because it helps to control and put boundaries. This gives a certain amount of control, making the work situations less stressful and more manageable because you know it ends at 6pm.

2. Chore Time

Set a time for chores. In our house, we try to finish the cooking, cleaning (most part) early in the morning and laundry later in the evening. After a few days you get into that rhythm of chores, I try to involve my son in some chores as well. It can be chopping some cucumber or adding curd to the koshimbeer(salad) or washing utensils. This helps to bring the child closer to the family as he also contributes to the benefit of the family. 

3. Observing my son play

One way I destress is ,I observe my child while he plays. I don’t get involved in his play but just keep on observing what he does, He brings all his language, emotions and knowledge into his play and makes vivid stories of how he solves complex situations with his toys. That to me is very relaxing. Montessori puts lot of emphasis on observation because only though observation can the adult truly understand any situation. The observation makes me realise that yes my sons’s vocabulary has increased, his thinking has changed, he uses some word patterns that his dad uses. So it is a good way to understand my son. 

4. One Book a day

This is my rule, that everyday I will read one book with my son. Even on most stressful days, I find some time to read 1 book. I give a choice to my son to read a book he wants, if he doesn’t want to read then I will take 1 book out and start reading one myself. He joins because he loves to listen to stories and books. This is a great stress buster and also brilliant way to connect with my son. After the book, I will ask open ended questions to get my son to talk and think about the book. 

These are some things I do to release the stress during these lockdown times. Feel free to share what do you do to destress. 

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