Best Preparation for any School Board

We work with children to improve their confidence, concentration and ability to self learn. Our curriculum helps children prepare for any school board

AMI trained Montessori Teachers

Our teachers have undergone extensive training on Montessori principles & child psychology. We firmly believe in child-led learning rather than teacher led learning

Individualised Curriculum

Our focus is for your child to excel holistically. We take special care of each of every child and fine tune the curriculum to match your child’s needs

Alternative Preschool

We are an alternative preschool using the International Montessori approach, that helps children to become creative, independent & confident

CCTV Access to Daycare Parents

We provide CCTV access to our daycare parents, so everyone is secure and aware of any situation

Holistic Approach to Learning

We put equal focus on behaviour & emotional development of the child along with academic excellence